How far in advance of our event should we contact you?

Unfortunately, we're popular. Like, really, really popular. Don't worry though, you're one of the cool kids - we can do performances with as little as 48 hours notice.

What kind of characters do you offer?

CLICK HERE to see our large selection of characters.

Do we need to put down a deposit?

Yep. 50% down when you sign the contract to secure the date.

I am holding my event outdoors..is that ok?

Sure! We love being outdoors, unless there is a tornado... then we're too scared to be outdoors.

What if something comes up and I have to cancel?

Here is how that works - If you cancel 21 days out, we can refund ½ of the deposit. Less than 21 days, we keep the deposit. Less than three days...I'm afraid we have to collect the entire fee. However, we will always try to reschedule with any cancellation with over 7 days notice.

Are there any additional fees for having the actors travel?

It's included in the price of your quote.

So the rate you give us is the rate? Are there any additional charges?

No. Prices are "Out the Door".

I just found out about you and there are less than two weeks before my event! Can I still hire you?

Yes, provided we have availability.

Do you offer a discounted rate to non-profit organizations, schools, and other special groups?

Absolutely, we can tailor any event for these groups and provide a cost effective solution for their fundraising needs.